When there is a crime happening

When there is a crime happening in our country we should speak out. Citizens have some part of the responsibility for the atrocities committed by their country. A responsibility we all have is to speak out; there are many ways we can speak out: on social media, protests against them, etc. A second responsibility we have is to vote against the people to show your support that you’re doing something to help. We can also show support by giving them hope and faith that they are not alone. However, if there was absolutely nothing they could’ve done they might not have a worse punishment then the people who knew and could’ve done something but choose not to say or do anything. Citizens have some part of the responsibility for the atrocities committed by their country.
We can speak out because the people that know something bad like people committing crimes or doing something they are not supposed to do is happening in their country or someone is doing something illegal has a chance to stop it from getting worse. When the whole world finds out about it; those who did nothing to help will be blamed. Many people in Germany knew what Hitler was doing in the concentration camps but did not speak out. In an article in The Guardian, they explain how many Germans knew what the Nazis were doing in the concentration camps. According to a research study, “They knew concentration camps were full of Jewish people who were stigmatized as sub-human and race-defilers. They knew that these, like other groups and minorities, were being killed out of hand.” Those non-jews who knew how Hitler was treating the Jews stood by and did nothing but watch them die.
Most people believe that speaking out might not change anything and that the people who are doing crimes in the city are going to continue what they are doing, but everybody has an option to do what is right. In a speech by Elie Wiesel “THE PERILS OF INDIFFERENCE” he shows gratitude towards the ones who rescued them. Even though it was not the united states country they still had the heart to help out when they found out about the camps and what Hitler and his Nazi group were doing to the Jews. They helped them because they were normal human beings who did not deserve what was happening to them in the concentration camps. This shows that anyone could have done something and we have some sort of responsibility for our countries actions, because in the end when the country gets caught the people who stood by or who knew about the things their country’s been doing and did nothing. They are witnesses and they can get in trouble because they stood by.
.However, people might be afraid to speak out because of possible repercussions. In the New York Times article, it talks about a former Nazi guard and how he was forced to work for Hitler in the camps. In this quote from the Ex-Nazi guard, he said he was forced to work in the camps for Hitler, “The SS forced him to work for them, he said, threatening to kill him and his family.” This is important because he might not want to be part of the Holocaust but he had no choice and it wasn’t his fault, but there were many other workers who supported Hitler and knew what they were doing they had a choice.
In conclusion, when we see something we should speak out. Because, citizens have some part of the responsibility for the atrocities committed by their country because in some way everyone has a choice to help out even though it might get you killed, punished or in trouble but you can do those knowing you did something right.